Iowa Real Estate E&O Insurance

Iowa Real Estate Professional Liability (E&O)

E&O Requirements in Iowa

Whether you own and operate a Des Moines commercial real estate firm, sell residential real estate outside of Cedar Rapids or Sioux City, or manage a real estate property management company in Waterloo, your firm needs quality and strong real estate professional liability (E&O) coverage to give you peace of mind in today’s real estate market. 

Iowa, along with 14 other U.S. states, requires real estate errors and omissions insurance coverage. A number of Iowa real estate agents each obtain an individual real estate E&O policy, with many IA agencies purchasing an additional excess E&O policy. 

While this has worked for some Iowa agencies, many brokers have a slightly different structure for their E&O.  In Iowa, a single real estate E&O policy covering both a real estate brokerage as well as the agents at the firm is very often more cost effective, while simultaneously providing stronger coverage for both the agents and the firm. This is the way we do real estate E&O at FirmSecured.

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All Iowa Errors and Omissions Policies Are Not Equal

A single firm policy allows Iowa brokers and real estate agency owners to find the best professional liability coverage for their firm. Their agents benefit from the much stronger coverage than they had under their individual real estate E&O policy. In fact, in most other states, this is the way real estate E&O is almost always done.

Already have a firm policy? Know that real estate E&O policies vary considerably in Iowa in terms of both price, and coverage. For example, many IA real estate E&O policies have very little coverage for fair housing/discrimination claims. 

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Our team doesn’t merely provide E&O quotes. Our goal is to help you understand your current coverage, review a number of other options available in the current E&O insurance market, and find the strongest professional liability coverage at the most competitive price.

To get started, you can complete the form below, and we will reach out to discuss your options. Or, you can bypass the form and schedule time directly on our calendar for a conversation on Google Meet.

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Cyber Insurance for Real Estate Firms

The Iowa Cyber Landscape is Changing Rapidly in Real Estate

Wire fraud, cyber breach response costs, phishing scams, business email compromise, and ransomware have increased tremendously in recent years. While many business owners believe only the largest public companies in the news are at risk, the reality is that smaller businesses, especially real estate agencies, are the specific target of many hackers. Real estate franchises are now requiring their agencies to purchase cyber insurance because of the increasing cyber risk for agencies over the last few years. Complete our form to get started on real estate cyber insurance options.

Iowa General Liability Insurance

Prefer to have 1 insurance agent for all of your liability insurance?

No one wants to have an insurance agent for each individual type of insurance coverage. That is one of the reasons our team can also work with your firm to find general liability coverage as well as E&O and cyber. Most E&O policies and franchises require firms to carry general liability, and it is standard for businesses of all types to have this policy in place. Just like E&O and cyber, not all policies are the same. Our team will help you review your options to find the strongest and most affordable option.

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