Nebraska Real Estate E&O Insurance

Nebraska Real Estate Errors and Omissions

Is E&O Required in Nebraska?

Nebraska, like 14 other states in the US, requires E&O (professional liability) insurance for real estate agents. A number of NE real estate agents buy individual errors and omissions policies, with their brokerages often carrying an excess E&O policy.

While this has worked for some, many Nebraska firms who have had individual agent coverage in the past have been pleasantly surprised to find that a single policy covering both the firm and the agents can be very competitive in price, but with much broader coverage. This is the way we do real estate E&O here at FirmSecured. 

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How do Nebraska E&O Policies Differ?

In Nebraska, broker/owners can purchase the errors & omissions policy that affords the strongest coverage for their brokerage. Because the coverage includes the agents, they benefit from significantly improved coverage compared to their individual E&O policies. In over half of the United States, almost all brokerages have a single firm policy for real estate E&O.

Why are brokers considering these options? Many Nebraska real estate E&O policies offer limited or no coverage for common claims such as contingent bodily injury and property damage, discrimination/fair housing, escrow, property management, and environmental claims.

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A quality real estate professional liability policy will provide peace of mind in today’s real estate market. We make the process of obtaining options as easy as possible, and we will work hard to compare your current E & O coverage to the many options we have available.

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Cyber Insurance For Nebraska Firms

Cyber risk is an increasing concern for real estate brokers

Some real estate franchises in NE are requiring their agencies to purchase and maintain cyber liability insurance coverage because of the increasing cyber risk for agencies over the last few years. Wire fraud, data breach response costs, social engineering, & ransomware/cyber extortion are a few examples of claims on the rise for real estate firms. Get started on Nebraska real estate cyber coverage options today.

Real Estate General Liability Coverage

Don't want different insurance agents for each policy?

If you trust our team with your firm’s E & O and cyber coverage, we are also able to assist with your real estate general liability coverage needs. E&O policies generally require that real estate firms have a general liability policy in place. General liability coverage is a standard insurance policy for businesses of all types, covering many general liability exposures. 

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