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Real Estate Errors and Omissions in Montana

Is E&O Required in Montana?

Montana is one of the states that now requires Errors & Omissions (E & O) insurance for MT real estate agents. Many Montana real estate agents are purchasing an individual errors and omissions policy with brokerages often buying an additional excess E&O policy. Our E&O program at FirmSecured is slightly different. Here’s why… 

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Comparing Montana E&O Policies

Many Montana brokers who previously had individual E&O policies were pleased to discover a better option. A single real estate E&O policy covering both the real estate firm and the agents is often very competitive in price and broader in coverage. This structure allows Montana real estate brokers and owners to find the E&O policy that afford the best coverage. Because the coverage extends to the firm’s agents, the agents are much better off than under their previous individual E&O policy.

In fact, this structure of a single “firm” real estate professional liability policy is common in most states. Even if you already have a single firm policy for your agency, there are still many differences between the coverages and pricing of the insurance companies doing real estate E&O in Montana. If you want to learn more about the differences between these polices, we’ve got you covered. 

Watch for exclusions for common claims such as mold claims, telemarketing violations, copyright claims, fair housing claims, bodily injury and property damage, and more.

Get E&O Options from FirmSecured

Whether you own a Helena commercial real estate firm, sell residential real estate in Bozeman or Great Falls, or operate a real estate property management company in Billings, our team is here to help with your MT real estate insurance needs. A quality real estate professional liability policy will provide peace of mind in today’s real estate market. We make the process of obtaining options as easy as possible, and we will compare your current E&O coverage to the many options we have available. Our goal is to help you understand your coverage and find the strongest coverage for your agency at the best price.

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Cyber Insurance for Montana Agencies

Why do Montana real estate agencies need cyber insurance?

Ransomware, phishing, wire fraud, and social engineering…  what do they have in common? They are all just a few examples of cyber attacks in the real estate industry. Agency owners are quickly realizing they need cyber liability insurance coverage to deal with these costly claims. Many franchises are now requiring cyber liability insurance. Don’t settle for the “click-and-bind” cyber policies online. Cyber insurance is not standardized, so you might end up with significant coverage gaps. Find an independent agent you can trust as an advisor.

Montana Real Estate General Liability

Want to have all of your liability insurance with one agent?

At FirmSecured, we don’t just offer Professional and Cyber liability coverage. General Liability (GL) insurance is critical for most real estate agencies. Most E&O policies actually require that brokerages also carry a general liability policy before certain E&O coverages will apply. The coverage protects your real estate agency from a number of lawsuits and settlements, like some bodily injury claims, personal and advertising injury, and damage to premises rented to you (to name a few). 

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