Arizona Real Estate E&O Insurance

Real Estate Errors & Omissions for Arizona Firms

Is E&O Required in Arizona?

Whether you run a luxury real estate firm in Phoenix, manage a rental or property management agency in the Grand Canyon area, specialize in commercial real estate in Tucson, or enjoy helping new clients find the best places to live in Tempe, a strong real estate errors & omissions (E&O) policy for your firm will provide peace of mind in a changing real estate market.

Although real estate errors and omissions insurance is not mandatory for Arizona real estate agents or agencies, many Arizona real estate franchises require it, and independent firms want to have a robust policy in place to safeguard their business. Arizona real estate E&O offers crucial protection to secure your agency.

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Comparing Arizona E&O Policies

Many AZ real estate E&O policies may not offer adequate coverage for some of the most frequent E&O claims. For instance, most E&O policies provide little to no coverage for claims related to contingent bodily injury and property damage, property management activities, fair housing or discrimination allegations, regulatory complaints, and more. In addition, several E&O insurance companies may have lower limits (known as sublimits) for specific types of claims. Brokers often remain unaware of these lower coverage limits until they face a real estate lawsuit. It’s worth noting that policy pricing also fluctuates depending on the strength of the insurance program.

Get E&O Options from FirmSecured

FirmSecured offers a hassle-free process for obtaining E&O coverage in AZ. As an independent firm, we collaborate with numerous insurance providers offering real estate E&O coverage to present multiple options for your firm. Our approach goes beyond simply providing quotes for E&O coverage. We carefully review your existing E&O policy to compare it with our options, guiding you through the process. Our ultimate aim is to assist you, whether you are a broker or owner, in securing the most robust E&O policy for your firm at the most competitive price.

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FirmSecured is powered by Veritas Risk Management, an independent insurance agency in Northeast Tennessee, and licensed in over 30 states, including Arizona.

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Real Estate Cyber Insurance

Quality Cyber Coverage for Arizona Agencies

As cyber threats continue to increase, many franchises now require their agencies to purchase cyber insurance to protect against third party wire fraud. Even if your agency is independent or your franchise is not yet mandating it, cyber liability insurance for real estate firms is quickly becoming a necessity to mitigate the risks of third party wire fraud. Explore your options for Arizona real estate cyber insurance today.

Real Estate General Liability

Safeguarding your Arizona real estate brokerage.

Most businesses and real estate agencies in Arizona purchase General Liability (GL) insurance, which safeguards your agency from a range of lawsuits. This policy covers various general business liability risks, including some bodily injury claims, personal and advertising injury, and damage to rented premises (just to name a few). Begin exploring your Arizona real estate general liability insurance options today.

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